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Moving the blast wall ( קיר ההדף )

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    Moving the blast wall ( קיר ההדף )

    Apologies for the English but I have a quick question. 
    We want to move the "Blast Wall" infront of the Mamad door so that it runs parallel and not perpendicular. 
    This will be the same as the floor below. 
    Is the possible to do? We are told it is not possible to do this but I see no reason if the new location of the wall
    meets the regulations.
    Many Thanks

    ארז מירב
    מנהל בפורום

    Moving the blast wall ( קיר ההדף )

    Hi, I see No problem with your plan, the new blast wall will protect the Mamad door. I don't like the "feel" of the living room space space with the new wall in front of the Mamad door, I do believe that you will not have a big privacy issue with the mamad entrance, if you don't biuld the wall I marked with yellow.  

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    ארז מירב
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    הכנת חוות דעת לבימ"ש ויעוץ אדריכלי כללי

מוצגות 2 תגובות – 1 עד 2 (מתוך 2 סה״כ)
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